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Content marketing has evolved no end in recent times with ever-increasing internet speed, the growth of social media and the accessibility of the smartphone.  One of the most popular mediums is video – with 90% of consumers saying that they use video to help them make buying decisions.

Marketers are constantly told that they should focus their efforts on creating video and it’s becoming more and more of a necessity. But what is all the fuss about and why is video seen as the future of content marketing?

Consumers are more likely to share videos

One of the big wins in content marketing is to get users to share content and increase its reach organically.  Video content is ideal as stats show that people share videos 1200% times more than other types of content.  People may read posts, but a greater number will watch a video with exactly the same content. They are then in a position to share it on any number of social media platforms.

Video is ideal for smartphones

Another reason video is so popular is that it’s smartphone friendly. People are rarely without their smartphones, these days, so can watch and share videos on the go; resulting in your target audience being able to view video just about anywhere

People remember video content

There’s a well known stat that suggests the brain remember 10% of what we read and 60% of what we see.  Even more significantly, recent studies think that the figure is closer to 80% when the content is a viewed within the last month.  If you want your video and brand association to stick in people’s minds then video will probably do the trick.

Video is good for SEO

Because people spend significant amounts of time watching video, this can help your SEO and improve your website’s search engine ranking.  Bounce rate will be reduced, as you can easily lead viewers to more content, and all of these factor into search rankings.

Social media loves video

Love it or hate it social media is non-optional in the marketing world and has enormous reach. Sites such as Facebook and Instagram show a clear preference for video content and it ranks better in their algorithm.  You have a better chance of a post going ‘viral’ with video content versus other any other type of content and the longer people spend on your profile watching the content, the more credibility you build.

Utilising Video for your Brand

Whether you are selling, promoting or launching a product or service, creating a video with a strong identity and a target audience in mind is probably the strongest way to get your message to land. Strategy is as important as the content itself and when the two are combined successfully there’s no better way to