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In today’s saturated market, people have seen it all. Old fashioned video marketing clichés and OTT sales tactics are big no-no’s in the modern digital landscape and can potentially be detrimental to brand identity and ultimately, profits.

Documentary style filmmaking is a good way to beat tired marketing lingo. It helps raise the profile of the company and can give their voice some real credibility in thought leadership. The goal is to create something interesting and informative (and ideally shareable) without resorting to any direct marketing.

This is, as you can imagine, far easier said than done. Depending on the product (some being less inspiring than others, of course), producing a film that people actually want to watch requires some considerable creativity.

Video Marketing Strategy

A few companies really hit the nail on the head with this approach. Fixodent, the dentures adhesives, made a surprisingly effective film. Dentures adhesives don’t scream ‘watch me’ but the company had the pretty inspired idea of sponsoring the dental surgery of a rare white lion, in an animal sanctuary, and examined dental hygiene through wild animals. An extremely inventive way to rebrand dental hygiene and a million times more engaging than a hyperbolic description of their product.

Volvo also utilised this style of filmmaking marketing strategy by teaming up with Sky Atlantic and framing their offering in the context of climate change. Skilfully showing the declining viability of farmland and the resulting human effects, cultivated a softer brand persona and went some way in breaking the barrier between company and customer. Examining this interesting, relevant and important issue also subtly positions them as innovative and progressive.

Both companies gained considerable attention from these videos and increased authenticity in their public voice; all positives for branding, evolution and bottom line.

With seemingly endless platforms, storytelling has never been so important. It subverts typical marketing conventions, allows more freedom for creatively and is a workable model open to any business regardless of size.

At Tracc we’ve always placed a lot of significance on documentary style pieces, due to our long-standing Telegraph Business Club series. An editorial approach is key here and we’re pretty proud of our efforts! Take a look at some of our latest video marketing work.

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