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Sharing content to re-engage with cold leads is a trick that marketeers often overlook. After considerable efforts developing a sales funnel, losing a sale or an engaged customer is definitely not an effective use of your marketing budget! Turning those cold leads into engaged users/ customers can actually be a smart tool to increase conversion rates and build a loyal customer base.

Warm Up Your Sales Leads

There are many reasons why a potential lead goes cold, and the first question to raise is ‘why’. Understanding this means that you can stop sending the same ineffective information and try something new.

These are the key reasons that people disengage:

  • People simply get distracted and forget your offering
  • Your follow-up was not effective. Did your follow-up quickly? How many times? These are all things that you need to think about
  • Conversion wasn’t easy enough. If people can’t easily access your offering then they’re likely to give up
  • Too much choice. If you are targeting the same customers as your competitors, you need to think outside the box and find ways to differentiate yourself

Hopefully revisiting your campaign and asking these questions will help pinpoint where to plug the gaps and get you some useful data to work with.  Once you have some ideas of where and when these leads go cold, then it’s time to warm them back up! Here’s how video can be a big part of that process:

Remind would be customer of your brand values – Sending your potential customers the same old marketing material is pretty unlikely to break through, if a lead is stone cold. Instead re-initiate contact with a link to a brand values video. Avoid the hard sell but gently remind them why they were interested in the first place. A testimonial from a happy customer also tends to be a good way to get people interested.

Break the ‘too busy’ cycle – Sales calls and endless emails can be disruptive and can easily annoy people. Long emails are too easy to simply delete and people forget them pretty instantly. A video can break the busy cycle, grab attention and hopefully help your message to land.

Ensure conversion. Creating a video you love is all well and good, but if it lacks a clear call to action point then these leads are likely to remain cold. Make your CTA glaringly obvious and make it easy! This should massively increase your chances of conversions.

Choices should be easy – It’s a saturated market out where and if people don’t understand your offering then you’ll probably loose out. There’s plenty of different formats to get this information across from demo videos, explainer videos, testimonials to LinkedIn thought-leadership edits. This affords you the opportunity to create the best format to reach your target audience.

It’s not all about making contact, it’s about re-establishing contact as many times as it takes to get results. Video is always more likely to get that all important click and is a fundamental part of any campaign to re-engage and move people to action.