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Profile your brand with a bespoke video production package

Tell your brand’s story through video

With eight billion video views on Facebook alone, it’s undeniable that video is a huge part of our lives and a big influencer on buying behaviour. Leaving video out of any company’s marketing strategy is becoming a big no-no, in modern business.

Enter Tracc. We’ll produce a video, as unique as you are, and then work out the best way to navigate the digital landscape for you. We’ll then support it with a video strategy tailored to your distinct requirements. View what we do in sixty seconds.

What Tracc Do

To put it simply, here is what we can do for you and your business:

  • Create an engaging and informative three-minute film. We want to bring your brand’s story to life
  • Produce a cut-down social media edit to utilize that ever growing social media market
  • Share an analytics tool to enhance the performance of your film. If we’re making a top-quality film, we want to make sure the right people are watching!
  • Demonstrate a quantifiable return on investment. We’ll do this by putting together bespoke video strategy tailored to you and your company
  • Offer continued support from our experienced team both during and after your film’s creation. We love talking about digital marketing, so ask away
  • A channel optimisation programme to promote your film and guarantee a minimum of 8,000 views

How it works

Tracc will help you create an impactful video featuring people from your team, telling your story. After we agree on what you want to include, we will shoot the film on location in one day.

We will then talk to you and your staff, capturing the key messages you want to share with your peers and customers. You will then get the opportunity to review and amend this content before the final sign off on the video.  Your video will be content rich and crafted to give your business a platform to promote its products and services, increase sales or a customer base, or keep your employees engaged.

It will provide you with a powerful marketing tool to use across your own marketing channels, and the Tracc team will help maximise your ROI using its proven channel optimisation programme.  You could be joining the likes of Waitrose, Total Jobs and AXA who have told their brand’s story with a bespoke video package from Tracc.

Video Production

Our bespoke video production has multiple applications and we’re always happy to tailor videos to your needs. The below are just a few of the video types which, when utilised correctly, can help engage, inspire and create action.


How-to Videos

A must for the YouTube generation and extremely handy for product demonstrations. We can assist with bespoke ‘how-to’ video, which are a hugely powerful tool in creating and nurturing a loyal online audience.


About-us Videos

We know that a good ‘about us’ video isn’t about the ‘what’ or the ‘how’. It’s about the ‘why’. To build engagement and brand identification your audience wants to relate to the folks behind the scene, to understand where you’ve been, where you’re going and, most importantly, what you can bring to the table.


Product Videos

A nifty bespoke Product video can go a long way. Seeing products in action is a great way to cut to the chase. They are designed to resonate with audience and demonstrate visually how you can provide a benefit or solution.


Case Study Videos

We specialise in bespoke Case Study videos, as we know that they are extremely effective in keeping viewers engaged for longer. They’re an opportunity to showcase your company’s successes in a convincing and credible way, which is the name of the game.


Testimonial Videos

There’s nothing better than seeing results with your own eyes. Seeing happy customers enthuse, about your brand, is one of the most solid ways to build real trust and confidence. A bespoke testimonial video can go a long way.


Promotional Videos

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a short piece including logo, USP and website details. And don’t be afraid to put it out there. Your website is a must, but there’s nothing wrong with using the video at exhibitions, seminars, even your reception. Make it personal. Sells your personality as well as product.


Explainer Videos

Creating an original and exciting Explainer videos can propel sales, by making sure your customers understand the full benefits of what you’re offering. Creative visuals and dynamic storytelling are essential to get people listening.


Corporate Videos

The corporate video is, in essence, a simple and versatile way of sharing a brand’s story. Designed for multiple uses, from brand awareness to internal training, it’s a must in any industry and it’s paramount that you get it right.

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