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Binge-watching is a phrase that has jumped into the video lexicon in recent years. If you’ve ever sat and watched an entire box set of Game of Thrones, you’re as guilty of it as the rest of us.

However, binge-worthy content actually has some applications in business marketing. We love consuming video and increased access to smart phones means people can stream content from anywhere.

If your business can create video content that customers connect with, to that extent, it’s going to do wonders for your conversions and your bottom line; not to mention brand awareness.

What is Binge-Worthy Content?

It’s basically content that audiences can’t get enough of and will watch multiple videos/episodes at once. Creating it is about delivering value for your customers.

While the majority of your marketing content might be fairly short, binge-worthy content tends to be longer and usually tells a story. It’s content that doesn’t necessarily come from a ‘selling’ point of view but is designed to allow people to associate the video with your brand in a positive way.

How to Create Binge-Worthy Business Videos

Of course, it’s not easy to create something like this. Your idea needs to be sustainable, if you are going to invest in this type of marketing:

  1. Think Carefully about a Theme That Energises Your Customers

It really doesn’t matter what you are selling or what service you provide, it’s all about dialling into your customers needs and wants. That means doing the necessary research, on your audience and the wider marketplace, and finding a theme that people are going to genuinely want to watch but that also ties in with your brand messaging and values.

  1. Give Customers Full Access

This means allowing access for viewers to watch as much as they want, when they want.  Gone are the days of issuing an episode every week. Most services, except terrestrial TV, now land an entire box-set all at once, for the viewers to consume as they wish. Make sure you offer this to your customers and ensure you put your content somewhere that they can easily access all of it on demand.

  1. Give Customers the Desire to Take the Next Step

You don’t want your customers to watch your video and then take their business elsewhere. You want them to take the next step and invest in your brand or service. The best way to do this is to produce well researched, relevant, quality content but still make your CTA obvious, without seeming like a sales video. This is the challenge!

  1. Make it Personal

Advances in technology and marketing knowledge allow businesses to personalise content, giving it greater impact. That means understanding your audience and having the processes in place to access the right analytics and to respond to them appropriately. That might include, for example, linking similar videos to ‘liked’ posts.

  1. Create Anticipation

As the old vaudeville saying goes, always leave the audience wanting more. Create anticipation when launching  follow-up videos and this should work to keep your customers watching, while continually building that connection with your brand.

Finally, don’t just plan for a series of video but make sure you know what comes next and what you are going to add to your collection. It’s all about having a long term plan before even considering posting anything.

In a nutshell, if you get into the mind of your customer,  produce a quality and sustainable series of videos and react accordingly to feedback then this you should be in a position to really get your customers watching and more importantly, engaging.