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In a digital marketplace over-saturated with content, a standout video can…make you stand out.

With every company out there jostling for customer attention and trust, a good ‘about us’ video can go a long way in making those all-important connections.

A common mistake that businesses make is underestimating the importance of likeability and reliability. You might have an incredibly informative and well produced video in the bag, but nothing will generate better sales than giving the client a glimpse into the human side of your company.

If a client likes you, then they’ll trust you and if they trust you then that’s where a loyal relationship begins. Introduce them to all your lovely staff and show them why you all do what you do.

There’s no end of ways to approach this, but the key is to be genuine. It doesn’t matter whether your company is best suited to being funny, informative, even ridiculous, people can spot a lack of authenticity a mile away. If the content seems faked or forced, you can kiss goodbye to building a good level of trust and engagement.

Twitter hit the nail on the head with their lighthearted company video. It was funny, cheesy and poked fun at different kinds of corporate videos. It was refreshing to see a huge corporation making light of themselves and it racked up the views. It was an excellent example of how to showcase a company, and its people, in a creative, engaging way.

As simple as this may sound, producing an effective ‘about us’ video needs to be carefully planned, especially as it has such potential for selling your brand. A clear goal, concise script and tangible call to action are all things to consider to really make the most out of it.

Put in the right planning and capture the life and spirit of your organisation honestly, and an ‘about video’ is one of the best ways to draw people into your company’s mission. And keep them there.

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