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St Giles



International language college St Giles came to us with a vision for their film. The key message was that St Giles offers far more than just language classes, and students can expect an exciting, well-rounded experience outside of the classroom.



We profiled St Giles’s international locations for the video (shooting in London and Cambridge). As the target audience is students, we needed to appeal to them by visually demonstrating fun, youth and vibrancy. We shot multiple locations and scenarios and weaved a narrative into the visuals. The objective was to tell the story of what students can expect and capture the locations at their most stunning. A key word was aspirational, and the more aspirational the visuals were the better.



These edits were created with social media squarely in mind. YouTube is the perfect platform to reach international students. It’s one of the easiest platforms to utilise longer videos, attracts a young demographic and is widely used globally. The video was also placed on Instagram, which has an emphasis on aesthetics. Both platforms work incredibly well in supporting this type of content and in their positioning to reach the target audience.



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