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Montreal Associates



Montreal Associates came to us with a clear objective. They wanted to showcase their top-notch recruitment and training processes. By close collaboration, we came to understand how Montreal Associates work, why recruitment is so important to them and how-to best tailor a film to emphasise this.



One of the core ideas, behind this film, was to show the office and its workers in action. Montreal Associates recruits vibrant, young, ambitious professionals, from all over Europe, who then work through an intensive training academy. Their film included a mix of locations and scenarios, from corporate training in boardrooms to remote working in cafes, to reflect the personality of the company and its flexible approach. Our goal was to capture a thriving work culture, full of dynamic individuals.



As the message was primarily about recruitment, LinkedIn was an ideal platform to utilise, which complemented their placement on The Telegraph Business Club. The video received total views of 60,190, with a 0.56% engagement rate and squarely situated Montreal Associates as one of the top companies to work for. It strengthened the company’s position as an organisation that attracts the best talent worldwide.



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The video Tracc films produced was to an exceptionally high standard and despite only launching the video five days ago we have had incredible results.

Montreal Associates