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Your guide to production

Understanding the detail

A few days before the shoot we’ll send you a draft of the Call Sheet. The Call Sheet will show you where, what, who and when we’re filming. It will also highlight where everyone needs to be and when. A final version of the Call Sheet will be sent over to you the day before the shoot.

Considerations for shoot day

Obtaining the necessary permissions

We will also send you a location release form for you to sign that gives us permission to film on site and interview release forms for interviewees to sign.

Choosing where to film

Please prepare a space where you would like interviewees to be filmed. The bigger the space the better, as the added ‘depth of field’ will make your interviews look more stylish on camera. The space should be quiet and as free from ambient noise as possible, as that could be picked up on the recording. If available, please allow access to an adjacent room for crew to store their equipment and non-essential filming items.

Letting people know what’s going on

Not everyone enjoys being on camera, so we recommend letting your employees know a film crew will be turning up in advance.

Making a good first impression

To ensure your office looks its absolute best, please make sure all desks and walkways are clean, tidy and free of clutter, employees personal effects (photos, mouse mats) are cleared and novelty desktop wallpapers are reset. It’s a good idea to remove any seasonal decorations from the office floor as these will instantly date your film.

Our team for your shoot

The Tracc crew generally consists of a Director and a ‘Director of Photography’, but if we’re bringing more people along, we’ll let you know in advance. Our crew will always do their best to ensure the rest of your employees aren’t prevented from getting on with their own work.

On arrival

We would ask that our crew are given quick tour of your building when they arrive, so they can look for any great shooting spots. Please let them know of any health and safety guidelines they need to follow along with any areas are ‘off-limits’.

Considerations for your interviewees

Preparation is key

We ask interviewees not to over prepare so answers don’t become robotic. The interview itself is a series of questions that they just answer naturally. Very relaxed and informal. It’s good to have an idea of what they might say but not word for word. We can send questions ahead of time upon request.

Understanding timings

We generally allow around 45 minutes for each interview. This provides enough time for people to relax and get used to the camera. If your interviewees are working to tight deadlines or are unforeseeably delayed, please let the Director know as soon as possible, so we can reschedule if necessary.

Choosing what to wear

It’s important for those on camera to think carefully about their wardrobe. All-white and patterned fabrics are best avoided, as are really loud colours. It’s always a good idea to ask you interviewees to bring a choice of outfits along with them on the day. We generally recommend pastel shades, medium greys and blues.

Thinking about make-up

When it comes to make-up, less is definitely more. A natural, healthy look works best on camera, with makeup mainly used to cover any skin blemishes.

Keeping everyone hydrated

Filming all day can be thirsty work. Lighting and filming equipment will make the environment quite warm, so please provide our crew along with your interviewees, with water and access to tea and coffee, to help keep their energy levels up.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Tracc point of contact, outlined in your welcome email.

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