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Product demo videos…our favourites and why

Product demo videos are a highly effective way to communicate your company’s offering and can form a central part of any video marketing strategy; but only if done properly!  You might have a product or service that you want to shout about but if the video misses the mark, the full weight of your message won’t land.

Video Marketing and Product Demo Videos

Getting the messaging wrong is the biggest mistake that companies make and when the branding isn’t consistent, your ROI will suffer. Nobody wants that!

Here at Tracc, we spend alot of time thinking about product demo videos and put in some serious legwork when we were developing this as our speciality. Our research led us to a few firm favourites which inspired us, influenced us and made us slightly jealous that they weren’t ours.

Here’s our unanimous list of our top 3 and why we think they work:



This video is considered one of the best examples of personalising a brand and making it memorable.

Blendtec skilfully make light of corporate /product demos videos, whilst completely utilising how effective they can be them. They took a household product and came up with a funny, memorable series to give the idea more mileage.

They’re likeable and relatable, in their willingness to laugh at themselves, but through all the silliness they are effectively demonstrating how powerful the blender is. This is all without having to resort to any kind of obvious self-promotion or marketing lingo. No mean feat.

It has the feel of a video made for YouTube, not a corporate video, and is appealing to today’s web user.

They have 878k subscribers on YouTube. Pretty good for a blender company!

Training Mask

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When the visuals are strong enough words aren’t necessary. No overload of information, no hyperbole about the company just a stylish, engaging demo. It tells you all you need to know.

We’re also fans of the fact that the emphasis is on the user achieving their goal, not the origin of the product. They’ve been smart enough to realise that the video isn’t for them, it’s for their users, and they’re always going to want to see what the product can do for them.

The song is spot-on, and this is a video that will result in sales; satisfying that all-important ROI.

Squatty Potty Film

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Not the most glamorous of subjects, or one that’s easy to approach.

Done poorly a demo video, for a product of this nature, could be clinical, medical and potentially a bit cringy. The creators had the good sense to make light of the subject but at same time they give a pretty compelling description of the product and benefits.

They looked at the type of films that have been made in similar spaces and well and truly disrupted the conventions.

The video has snagged more than 50 million views on Facebook and YouTube, with 70% of viewers watching the entire three-minutes. Roughly 25% of the views were from paid promotion of the content, with the rest being organic.

You wouldn’t think rainbow and unicorns could have an impact on your bottom line but after the video’s release the company exceeded their yearly target.

These creative folks found a way stamp their identity onto their product demo video and avoided any branding misrepresentation. All of them saw the benefits in their profiles, engagement and ultimately profits.

Product demo videos are one of our favourite topics right now, so give us an excuse to chat about them! Say hi and let us explain how we can work wonders for you https://www.tracc.co.uk/contact-us/

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