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Your guide to pre-production

Understanding the planning and preparation process

Before the cameras roll, it’s essential we take time to understand more about your Business.

Understanding your business

Let us know a convenient time to talk

You will receive an email with a selection of proposed dates for a conference call. Once we’ve agreed on a date, you’ll receive an invitation containing all the relevant dial-in details. The conference call will generally last between 60-90 minutes.

Complete our insight questionnaire

Next you will receive an insight questionnaire. The answers you provide should give us greater insight into your business and help us develop potential themes for your film. Please complete this as soon as possible. We need it returned at least 24 hours before our call.

The conference call

Our team will help you to identify the key points you’d like to be included in your film. Please consider who needs to be on the call from your side of the business. During this call, we’ll also discuss potential film dates, filming locations and help identify the key interviewees to be featured.

Agreeing the detail

Receiving our proposal

We’ll send you our creative proposal to review within seven to ten working days of our conference call. Our proposal will contain key information regarding the shoot in addition to an outline script covering both the visual elements and key content to be included in the film.

Sending us your feedback

It’s essential you’re completely satisfied with the content, messaging and creative approach we recommend. Therefore, please feel free to make as many changes to our proposal as you wish. Although please be aware, only one round of amendments are including in this budget. We’ll need your feedback within two weeks of receipt. We’ll provide you with an updated proposal within 48 hours.

Providing us with your approval

Once the script and treatment have been agreed, we’ll send you a final document for sign-off, along with some suggested filming dates. Please let us know which of these dates work the best for you.

Sending us your payment

You will be invoiced for the first 50% of the project fee on agreement of the terms. This payment will need to be paid in full prior to our initial conference call.

Forwarding us any relevant content or assets

Once you have sent us your final approval, if you have any pre-existing assets such as animation, branded videos, photographs, logos and brand guidelines, please send these to us now.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Tracc point of contact, outlined in your welcome email.

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