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Your guide to post-production

The process for the final stages



Once filming is complete, we’ll invoice you for the second and final 50% of the project fee.

First stage edit

Working from your approved script, the Director and Editor will put together an initial version of your film along with an accompanying music track. We will send you this edit for review via a Vimeo link, allowing you to view the film and directly provide any feedback and comments.


  • Please note, any voice-over used at this stage will be used as a guide. We’ll replace this guide with a professional voice-over, once you’ve agreed the final edit.
  • Simple graphics used with your film are provided as part of your budget. However if you require anything more complicated, additional costs may apply.

First stage approval

You can make as many changes to the first stage edit as you wish.

However, only one round of amendments are included in this budget. We therefore strongly recommend you seek the input of all key stakeholders and/or final decision makers at this point, as changes further down the line will incur an additional cost.

We require all feedback within two weeks of receipt of the first stage edit.

A Telegraph journalist will be in touch with you to write the editorial that will accompany the film on the Business Club website.

Second and final stage edit

Once we receive your feedback, we’ll make all the changes you’ve requested within two weeks. We’ll then send this back across for final approval along with three professional voice-over artists from which to choose.

If we’re also creating a 30-second trailer which can be used to promote the film and drive views to your film on The Telegraph, we’ll get in touch to discuss the content in further detail.

Final approval

Once we have you final approval along with the confirmation that all project fees have been received, we’ll send across your own copy of the film.

We’ll also confirm the date the film will go live on The Telegraph Business Club website.

At the end of the project, your Producer will be in touch to discuss your satisfaction with the production overall.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Tracc point of contact, outlined in your welcome email.