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Why Video Is the Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing has evolved no end in recent times with ever-increasing internet speed, the growth of social media and the accessibility of the smartphone.  One of the most popular mediums is video – with 90% of consumers saying that they use video to help them make...

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How to get your video watched

There’s no point in going through the expense and time of making a video if no one gets to see it. In order for your video to be worth the investment it must reach your intended audience – and potentially exceed that many times over. The key is marketing – actively...

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Making a success of video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social hub for corporate and commercial businesses, and as a result, the perfect pool of relevant audiences to share your content with. Just like YouTube, certain individuals have gained serious clout for their company and products, but a lot goes on...

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How to distribute your own video

You’ve got the perfect product or service all figured out and you’ve got the perfect video done and dusted. It needs to be seen. Your video can’t sit in the shadows where no-one appreciates it, get it out there! Distribution can be split up into three main parts:...

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How to create effective Product videos

You’ve spent months and months, perhaps even years, honing the perfect product. You’ve spent money, you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into the process. You want to make it worth your effort by getting those all-important sales, right? In today’s business world,...

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Understanding About-us videos?

In a digital marketplace over-saturated with content, a standout video can…make you stand out. With every company out there jostling for customer attention and trust, a good ‘about us’ video can go a long way in making those all-important connections. A common mistake...

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