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LinkedIn is the social hub for corporate and commercial businesses, and as a result, the perfect pool of relevant audiences to share your content with. Just like YouTube, certain individuals have gained serious clout for their company and products, but a lot goes on behind-the-scenes to earn such success!

Over half the content on LinkedIn is video, and with a build-up of connections you have the chance to really reach the network you are creating content for and hoping to get into business with. Once a video or article is published, that’s not the end of its digital journey. You should promote your content as much as possible, and be sure to link back to it whenever you mention something relevant.

There’s also a lot of other factors to consider to make sure that your message lands. Headlines need to be written with consideration to SEO, the description needs to be tight and concise copy and the video has to be heavily catered for a specific audience. As we’ve mentioned before, your audience is important, and on LinkedIn the more specific you are, the more you’re going to make the most of such a far-reaching platform. Consumers, colleagues and investors are on LinkedIn because they’re in the market to work with you or to buy from you, and so it’s easier than ever to reach a niche or specific market! So sit down and refine your objectives, reaching a small group of relevant buyers is far more conductive than a large disinterested group of irrelevant passers-by.

An easy mistake to make it to forget that LinkedIn is a social network, be professional but be open as well. Vlogging can hugely improve a business’s social and professional standards – as can behind the scenes videos. Mobile adaptability is also a key feature. LinkedIn is a largely mobile accessed website and therefore a video should be high quality enough to cater to the resolution and requirements of a mobile internet surfer.

Approach LinkedIn success like a slightly less intimidating, kinder panel of business executives to which you are pitching yourself, business or product. Be precise, be confident, and don’t be afraid of questions.

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