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Before you conduct any interview it’s best to stop and think about how to get the information that you really want. We’ve done many an interview over the years and have a few tried and tested tips that never fail!

  1. Understand the story before starting

Nobody likes a rambling, incoherent interview. To make sure you avoid this you need to know, not only what their story is, but what the strongest points are. Without this idea firming in place it won’t be easy to put the right questions together.

Having targeted questions means you trim any fat from the content and will get the most out of your limited time.

  1. Pre-Interviews often show the way forward

If the essence of the interview isn’t immediately obvious, a pre-interview discussion can be very helpful. This additional stage not only sets the structure but it can also reveal new details which may bring value to the story. You’ll also have the time to find out if any topics are uncomfortable  and this will go a long way in establishing a rapport.

3. Be encouraging 

Being interviewed isn’t comfortable for the majority of people and the more relaxed you can make the individual the better the footage will be.

Treat the interview like a conversation, keep it relatively informal and always give your subject the opportunity to answer fully. Encourage them to keep going, you never know what might come out.

4. Be transparent

It’s good etiquette to make sure your interviewee knows full details of the project, where it will be seen etc. They’ll appreciate the transparency and are more likely to open up to you in a meaningful way on camera. Also, always follow-up once the film is completed. This show respect and they may also provide useful feedback.

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