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You’ve got the perfect product or service all figured out and you’ve got the perfect video done and dusted. It needs to be seen. Your video can’t sit in the shadows where no-one appreciates it, get it out there!

Distribution can be split up into three main parts: Personal, Promotional and Influential:


The Personal is everything you own, i.e. your website, blog, social media and email, those four things are your personal gold mines. This doesn’t just mean sharing your video on your Facebook and leaving it at that, it means getting chatty with your audience. If they have questions, reply to them or record a new video to help – tutorials can be cheap and effective! Keep updating your blog and being consistent and linking back to your video, if people are interested in one type of content, they’re going to want to see more.


Promotional and Influential are pretty similar, except promotional advertising may involve dipping into your pockets a little more than influential does. Both types essentially, constitute of everything and everyone that isn’t you. So be ready to do some research and launch Facebook, Google, Instagram adverts and interact with bloggers. Adverts cost you, but you often control your budget and ensure it’s worth your investment. Running Ads on social media places you high in their algorithms, which, without the fancy wording, just means more people are going to find you, and you can’t sneer at that!


Influential advertising focuses more heavily on bloggers, reviewers, press releases, which will expose your video to a wider audience. Introduce yourself, and ask for testimonials, or to contribute a guest post in which you can link back to the video once again!

It’s daunting, when you first thinking about how to distribute your video successfully, but with some good advice, research and consistent updates you can make a dent in the world wide web and get the desired exposure.

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