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You’ve spent months and months, perhaps even years, honing the perfect product. You’ve spent money, you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into the process. You want to make it worth your effort by getting those all-important sales, right?

In today’s business world, everyone is competing for the same spot. Your product may be unique, but they’ll always be someone out there who believes they have a better product and will be snapping at your heels. You want to show your audience why yours is special and the best option in the marketplace. The most effective way to do that is through video, and better still, a video worthy of their time and attention.

Nowadays, audiences don’t have much time to spare! That’s why when you present your product in a brand new sparkling video, be wary of the length and the content. Product videos are there to give your audience a taster, enough so that they want to buy the product there and then.

Two ways to ensure this is by:

  1. Keeping the video short, engaging and catered to muted viewing (we rarely watch videos with sound, according to research) or if it does need to be longer, give them something to hold on for.
  2. Tell them what they need to do. There’s very little point in producing a great video without making the most of your audience’s attention. Give them details about how they can purchase your product, and encourage them to make that purchase while you have their attention.

Don’t forget, planning is important!

These videos are essential to your sales. Don’t risk a commercial flop with an unprepared shoot. Produce a script, whether it’s a trailer or a ‘how to’ video, write it up!

One simple thing to keep in mind is … Introduce an issue and then resolve it. Your audience wants to solve a problem in their life with your product, show them how.

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