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Facebook is an amazing platform to utilise in any marketing strategy.

With billions of users worldwide, it’s still the first choice for most companies to promote their brand videos; whatever their size or sector they operate in.

One thing that has changed on the platform, over the last few years, is the popularity of video. More and more companies are tuning in to this type of marketing content, with the hope of engaging and entertaining their audience. Nailing down your Facebook video strategy, however, takes work.

If you aren’t achieving the desired results, these tips may well get you back on track:

  1. Understanding Facebook’s Algorithm

You may have uploaded your video onto other sites, for example YouTube. Many people share the video directly from a streaming platform and although this isn’t wrong as such, it does put you at a disadvantage. What you should be doing is uploading your video directly to Facebook.


Because you are likely to achieve 10 times the reach on Facebook by doing this. That’s down to Facebook’s algorithm, which tends to benefit ‘native’ videos rather than shares from other platforms. These kinds of video also play automatically as someone scrolls down their timeline.

  1. Be Mobile Ready

It is common knowledge that mobile optimisation is essential. Most of us are viewing video on our smartphones and you need to keep this behaviour front and centre of your marketing strategy.

Think about things like ensuring your videos formats are square, so that users don’t have to keep rotating their device to get the right orientation. Also don’t forget to add captions, so videos can be watched without sound.

  1. Immediate Engagement

People are likely to view your video along with other content. There’s a lot of noise online. The first few seconds are everything. You need to stop and watch and not simply scroll on by.

Keep your video focused on one or two simple points and don’t be tempted to add too much information. In the first instance, value entertainment above any other messaging.

  1. Look at Immersive Options

Again, with so much competition for attention, you need to work hard to get noticed on Facebook. There are couple of features on offer that can help you improve your brand awareness.

One is Facebook Live. This is potentially a great way to build an immediate link to your audience. Learn how to leverage this and you are likely to see huge returns for your marketing.

Secondly, there’s Facebook 360, an interactive tool that allows your audience to move around the screen and define where they watch the video from. It gets users to be tactile and that can have a significant emotional impact.

  1. Using Facebook Ads

Finally, the big challenge for businesses (once they’ve spent time, effort and money on your brand video) is getting it out in front of the general public. You can do this organically by reaching out to your customers or joining groups, but this can take time.

Another approach is to utilise the power of Facebook Ads. Here you can define the type of audience you want to attract, where they live, their age and gender, what their interests are etc. Be sure to include a strong call to action and you can improve the ROI of your video marketing in a short space of time.

These few simple tips can significantly help you cut through the noise on Facebook and get some real engagement with the right people.