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Twitter remains one of the biggest marketing tools on social media and it’s part of any savvy marketeer’s strategy.

If you’re going to include video on your Twitter feed ( and you definitely should!) then there’s a number of ways to make sure your efforts lead to a nice, healthy ROI:

Always include subtitles

This is something that novice video advertisers often overlook but mobile viewing is getting more relevant by the day. This will ensure your video works with and without sound and allows people to watch on the go. Ultimately, you’ll be accessible to a lot more people.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Unlike Facebook, Twitter video tends to be a lot shorter. Give your audience bite-size instalments and try to keep to the optimum time of 6-15 seconds.  Any longer and you risk your all-important viewers tuning out.

Reply to comments… with video

Video is useful at any stage of an interaction. If you get an interesting tweet, why not reply with a video. This is a sure-fire way for followers to get to know the people behind your brand and it will increase your personal engagement no end.

You don’t have to be the only contributor¬†

Why not diversify your creative output and involve your followers? Encourage people to upload their own content or run user-generated content competitions.

Try asking people to share footage from events, video responses to questions or issues etc. It will vary your output and build connection with your audience.

Tweet videos in real time

Get some of your marketing bods ( or followers depending on the campaign) and have them live tweeting videos from events.

These kinds of videos stand out on fast-moving Twitter feeds and get more attention. Which is the point.

It’s all about using every relevant social platform to full effect, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you want any more tips!