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About us

We are Tracc

Here at Tracc we understand the power of video. With decades of experience, under our collective belt, we live and breathe video, content strategy and everything in-between. In a nutshell we’ll produce the highest quality film to tell your story, and then obsessively measure the results.

We create and distribute persuasive video content for brands and businesses, which makes people think and do things differently. Our content makers have careers spanning the BBC, MTV, Channel 4, The Wall Street Journal, ITN, Film 4, Sky, Apple, Discovery Channel, The Telegraph and brands galore.

We develop content strategies, we understand audiences, we know where they live and we serve them beautifully crafted films.

We move people into action.

We are Tracc.

Our Expertise

Our talented creatives, film-makers and digital distribution experts are highly experienced and bursting with ideas. This is why brands and businesses choose us to make their content. We believe video has the power to make a tangible commercial difference.

Our approach uses insight to find out what audiences are interested in, which shapes the creative process. We then use our publisher network to effectively distribute the content.

After all, nobody wants their story to fall on deaf ears.

Once a client, always a client

Our client philosophy is simple; once a client always a client.

Maybe it’s because we always deliver, maybe it’s because we consistently produce broadcast quality content or maybe it’s because we always keep our clients happy, no matter the budget or deadline.

Personally, we think our clients like us because we avoid using marketing guff and let the content do the talking.

Pop in for a chat and we’ll tailor a solution, just for you. We know video. We make video work.

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Discover how Tracc can help grow your business and improve results using the exceptional power of video. Call us today on 020 7234 3540 or simply contact us now. We look forward to hearing from you soon.